Image: Sully Prudhomme

Sully Prudhomme

Sully Prudhomme, real name Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme (1839-1907), French poet and Nobel laureate, of the Parnassian school. He was born in Paris and trained in engineering, law, and philosophy. His early poems, such as "Stances et pomes" (1865), "Les destins" (1872; The Destinies), and "Les vaines tendresses" (1875; The Empty Endearments), are lyrical and sad. Later work was Parnassian in its antiromantic striving for aesthetic, objective expression of philosophical truth. La justice (1878) and Le bonheur (1888; Happiness) are considered masterpieces of analytic subtlety. He was admitted to the French Academy in 1881 and received the first Nobel Prize in literature in 1901.

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