Image: Sucker (fish)

Sucker (fish)

Sucker (fish), any of about 62 species of freshwater fishes characterized by having the mouth inferior (below midline) and the lips thick and fleshy. Most suckers are of moderate sizeusually less than 60 cm (less than 24 in) longand most are native to North America; a few occur in Siberia and China. In color, suckers are dull with little tendency to markings. Breeding males in most species, however, acquire a rosy or orange lateral band. Suckers primarily obtain their food by sucking up the mud and the soft organic matter from the river bottom. Suckers are palatable but bony.

"`Scientific classification:"` Suckers

"`Scientific classification:"` Suckers make up the family Catostomidae of the order Cypriniformes.

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