"Star Wars"

"Star Wars", science-fiction movie about a young man who joins a rebel group and helps them battle the evil empire. Released in 1977, this box-office hit was written and directed by George Lucas. It won Academy Awards for special effects, musical score, art direction, film editing, and costume design. A farm boy named Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill) meets two robots, a warrior (Alec Guinness), and a pilot (Harrison Ford). With help from his friends, Skywalker frees the rebel leader Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) from the empire`s space station, the Death Star. In a sequence packed with innovative special effects, Skywalker and the other rebel pilots attack and destroy the Death Star.

The film

The film, subtitled "A New Hope", inspired two sequels, "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Return of the Jedi" (1983). All three films were rereleased in 1997 with new, digitally enhanced special effects. In 1999 Lucas released the first "Star Wars "prequel, "The Phantom Menace" ", "followed by "Attack of the Clones" " "(2002) and "Revenge of the Sith "(2005) "." The prequels follow the story of Luke`s father, Anakin Skywalker.

"`Director"` George Lucas

George Lucas

"`Cast"` Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)Harrison

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)
Harrison Ford (Han Solo)
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia Organa)
Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin)
Alec Guinness (Ben [Obi-Wan] Kenobi)
Anthony Daniels (C-3P0)
Kenny Baker (R2-D2)
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)
David Prowse (Lord Darth Vader)
Phil Brown (Uncle Owen Lars)
Shelagh Fraser (Aunt Beru Lars)
Jack Purvis (Chief Jawa)
Alex McCrindle (General Dodonna)
Eddie Byrne (General Willard)
Drewe Henley (Red Leader)
Denis Lawson (Red Two [Wedge])
Garrick Hagon (Red Three [Biggs])
Jack Klaff (Red Four [John D])
William Hootkins (Red Six [Porkins])
Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader)
Jeremy Sinden (Gold Two)
Graham Ashley (Gold Five)
Don Henderson (General Taggi)
Richard LeParmentier (General Motti)
Leslie Schofield (Commander number one)
James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader)

"`Awards"` Academy Award for Best

Academy Award for Best Art Direction (1977): John BarryArt Direction, Norman ReynoldsArt Direction, Leslie DilleyArt Direction, Roger ChristianSet Decoration
Academy Award for Best Costume Design (1977): John Mollo
Academy Award for Best Film Editing (1977): Marcia Lucas, Paul Hirsch, Richard Chew
Academy Award for Best MusicOriginal Score (1977): John Williams
Academy Award for Best Sound (1977): Don MacDougall, Ray West, Bob Minkler, Derek Ball
Academy Award for Best Visual Effects (1977): John Stears, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Grant McCune, Robert Blalack
Academy Award for Best Special Achievement (1977): Ben BurttSound Effects, for the creation of the alien, creature, and robot voices featured in "Star Wars"
Golden Globe Award for Best Musical Score (1978): John Williams

"`Trivia "`Burt Reynolds was originally

"`Trivia "`
Burt Reynolds was originally cast as the pilot Han Solo.

"`Quotes"` Princess Leia (in a recorded

Princess Leia (in a recorded transmission to the warrior): Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You`re my only hope.
C-3P0 (to his fellow robot R2-D2): We seem to be made to suffer. It`s our lot in life.

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