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Ritual, ceremonial or symbolic act given importance by repetition. Rituals often accompany rites of passage and religious observances.

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music in rituals, "see "African Music: "African Music in Society" ";"Music: "The Function of Music" ";"Shofar
ritual in animal behavior, "see "Aggression: "Limiting Aggression" ";"Albatross; Alligator; Animal Behavior: "Sign Stimuli (Releasers)"
religious ritual, "see "Altar; Anthropology: "Evolution of Religious Systems" ";"Babylonian Religion: "Worship and Ritual" ";"Black Mass; Circumcision; Saint Cyril; Tantra; Eleusinian Mysteries; Kosher; Peyotism; Sacrifice; Scandinavian Mythology: "Religious Ritual" ";"Thugs
ritual purification, "see "Baptism; Baths; Candlemas; Chivalry: "Makings of a Knight"
ritual objects, "see "Bird: "Birds and Humans" ";"Superstition
legal ritual, "see "Courts
ritual movement, "see "African Music: "Dance" ";"Dance: "Dance and Society" ";"Hopi; Vodun
burial ritual, "see "Egyptian Mythology: "Burial Ritual" ";"Funeral Rites and Customs; Rites of Passage: "Death"
marriage ritual, "see "Marriage: "Ritual" ";"Rites of Passage: "Marriage"

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