Image: Qin Jiushao

Qin Jiushao (1202?-1261?)

Qin Jiushao (1202?-1261?), Chinese mathematician, born in Sichuan. Qin`s fame rests on one great book, "Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections" (1247). Every section of this book consists of two chapters, and each chapter contains nine problems. The work covers a wide range of subjects. Although much of it is devoted to purely mathematical subjects, such as indeterminate analysis and the solution of linear equations, it also covers many applications of mathematics, including astronomy, the calendar, surveying, architecture, and commerce. Because it includes practical mathematics, Qin`s book provides valuable information about social and economic conditions in China during the 1300s. Qin had talents in many areas besides mathematics, including music, archery, fencing, poetry, and architecture.

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