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Pinzn, name of a family of Spanish navigators who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World. The most important were the following two brothers.

Martin Alonzo Pinzon

(circa 1440-93)

(circa 1440-93), commander of the ship "Pinta" in Columbus`s first expedition to America. Historians are uncertain why Pinzn became separated from Columbus for more than six weeks, but Columbus later accused him of treasonable conduct. As Pinzn was returning to Spain, his ship was again separated from Columbus`s command in a storm; he and Columbus, however, both reached Palos de la Frontera on March 15, 1493.

Vicente Yanez Pinzon

(circa 1460-1524)

(circa 1460-1524), commander of the ship "Nia" in Columbus`s first expedition to America. When Columbus`s ship "Santa Maria" was wrecked near Hispaniola, Columbus joined Pinzn on the "Nia" to complete the voyage. Pinzn then (1499-1500) led an expedition to Brazil, during which he discovered the mouth of the Amazon River. In 1505 he was named governor of Puerto Rico. In 1508 with the Spanish navigator Juan Diaz de Sols, he sailed along the coasts of Yucatn (now in Mexico) and Honduras, and in 1509 he sailed along the coast of Venezuela.

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