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Philip V (of Spain) (1683-1746) king of

Philip V (of Spain) (1683-1746) king of Spain (1700-1746), during whose reign French ideas prevailed at his court, and French institutions were introduced into Spain. The first of the Spanish Bourbons, he was the grandson of Louis XIV, king of France, and the son of the dauphin Louis de France, born in Versailles, France. Charles II, the last Habsburg king of Spain, dying without issue, bequeathed Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, and his Italian possessions to Philip, then duke of Anjou, in 1700.

Philip`s accession

Philip`s accession, by uniting the French and Spanish thrones in the same family, threatened to disturb the balance of power in Europe. This resulted in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714), in which France and Spain were matched against an alliance formed by England, the Netherlands, Austria, and several of the German states and subsequently joined by Portugal and Savoy. The Peace of Utrecht secured the throne of Spain to Philip but stripped Spain of Sicily, which passed to Savoy, and the Spanish Netherlands, Milan, and Naples, which passed to Austria. Philip attempted to regain the lands in Italy that he had lost, and war ensued from 1718 to 1720 against the Quadruple Alliance of Britain, France, Austria, and the Netherlands. Through this war and also through the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1735) and War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748), Philip gained territory for his sons. In January 1724 he abdicated in favor of his eldest son, but after his son`s death the following August he resumed the crown. Philip was influenced by his wife, Isabella Farnese, and in the last decades of his life he was mentally incompetent.

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