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    Pelopnnisos, southern peninsula of the Greek mainland, south of the Gulf of Corinth and the Gulf of Ptrai. The name means `island of Pelops.` In the Middle Ages the Pelopnnisos was called the "Morea" (sea land). The Isthmus of Corinth connects the Pelopnnisos with the mainland. The peninsula, with an area of 21,440 sq km (8,280 sq mi), has been compared to a hand with a thumb and three fingers. The mountain knot of Arcadia forms the main part of the hand; Argolis, the thumb; and three smaller promontories, the fingers. Tourists visit the Pelopnnisos to view the picturesque countryside; the ruins of Olympia, site of ancient Olympic games; the monastery of Megaspalaeon, the temple of Zeus at Nemea; the ruins of Mycenae; the seaport of Nvplion; the falls of the River Styx; and the scanty remains of ancient Sparta. Population (1991) 1,077,002.

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