Image: Nicolaas Beets

Nicolaas Beets (1814-1903)

Nicolaas Beets (1814-1903), Dutch writer and pastor, born in Haarlem. Beets, influenced by the English poet Lord Byron, was one of the first Dutch writers to move toward romanticism. Under the pseudonym Hildebrand he wrote a collection of sketches, tales, and essays called "Camera Obscura" (1839), considered the finest piece of 19th-century Dutch prose, combining realism with whimsical humor.

Beets was ordained in 1839

Beets was ordained in 1839, and during his subsequent successful career in the church he produced many works of prose and verse. His major works, however, are those written during his earlier years, such as the poetic tale "Guy de Vlaming" (1837).

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