Image: Mayon Volcano National Park

Mayon Volcano National Park

Mayon Volcano National Park, national park in the east central Philippines, on the island of Luzon. The park lies in the extreme south, on the Bicol Peninsula, in Albay province. Established in 1938, the park covers an area of 55 sq km (21 sq mi). At the center of the park is Mayon Volcano (2,525 m8,284 ft), the most active volcano in the country and the world`s most perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone. Mayon has erupted fairly regularly since 1616, the date of its first recorded eruption, including at least one eruption every decade since the 1950s. The volcanic cone is crowned by an almost perpetual halo of vapor that glows at night. The park is covered in grassland and tall hardwood forests. Deer and wild pigs are among the park`s larger animals. The word "Mayon" is derived from a word in the locally spoken Bicolano language meaning beautiful "." The Santa Misericordia Volcanic Observatory, a major attraction, is located on the east side of Mayon. Hikers and campers take guided overnight trips to the volcano.

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