Image: Marmontel Jean Francois

Jean Francois Marmontel (17231799)

Jean Francois Marmontel (17231799), French novelist and dramatist. He wrote tragedies and librettos (texts) for several light operas, and he contributed articles on literature to the famous "Encyclopedie", which contained the most advanced opinions of the day on a broad range of academic subjects. These articles were later republished as "Elements de litterature "(Elements of Literature, 1787). In 1758 Marmontel obtained control of the journal "Le Mercure" (The Mercury), in which his "Contes moraux "(Moral Studies, 1761) appeared. Other works include the historical romances "Belisaire "(Belisarius, 1767) and "Les Incas "(The Incas, 1777). Marmontel was appointed historiographer of France in 1771 and secretary to the Academie Francaise in 1783. He retired in 1792 to write his "Memoires d`un pre "(Memoirs of a Father, 1804).

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