Image: Julia (Daughter of Julius Caesar)

Julia (Daughter of Julius Caesar) (83?-54

Julia (Daughter of Julius Caesar) (83?-54 bc), daughter of Gaius Julius Caesar and wife of Pompey the Great, the Roman general and statesman who in 60 bc joined Caesar and the patrician Marcus Licinius Crassus in a triple alliance known as the First Triumvirate. Caesar gave Julia to Pompey in marriage in 59 bc in order to strengthen his relationship with his competitive fellow ruler. Although it was primarily a political marriage, Pompey and Julia appear to have been devoted to each other, and Julia was instrumental in preventing friction between Pompey and Caesar. After her death in 54 bc and the death of Crassus in battle in 53 bc, the triumvirate`s two remaining members fell to hostilities, the end result being that Caesar ousted Pompey and became sole dictator of Rome and its territories.

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