Image: Jean Perreal

Jean Perreal (1457?1530)

Jean Perreal (1457?1530), French painter and miniaturist. Active from 1485, he was employed by Kings Charles VIII, Louis XII, and Francis I and was court painter to Margaret of Austria. His portraits of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany, painted in 1495, are in the Bibliothque Nationale de France in Paris.

He worked in Lyon but was often sent elsewhere

He worked in Lyon but was often sent elsewhere on various commissions, visiting Italy and England. He has been identified with the Master of Moulins, which would make him the creator of outstanding works that combined French painter Jean Fouquet`s breadth of design with the realism of Flemish painter Hugo van der Goes. The identification is considered doubtful, however, as no works attributable to the Master of Moulins are of a later date than about 1500.

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