Image: Hutten Ulrich von

Ulrich von Hutten (1488-1523)

Ulrich von Hutten (1488-1523), German poet and humanist, born near Fulda. After studying at a number of German and Italian universities, he served briefly in the army of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who proclaimed him poet laureate in 1517. Hutten became an outstanding advocate of German patriotism and of imperial sovereignty over both the papacy and the nobility, and he was an ardent supporter of the German religious reformer Martin Luther, whose doctrines he defended in a series of works. Hutten`s political activities alienated his patron, and the poet spent his last years in poverty. He was the chief author of the second part of the satirical "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum" (Letters of Obscure Men, 1515-1517), an attack on monasticism. His other writings include "Ars Versificandi" (Art of Versification, 1511) and "Vadismus" (1520), a denunciation of the papacy.

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