Image: Henderson Richard (jurist)

Richard Henderson (jurist) (1735-1785)

Richard Henderson (jurist) (1735-1785), American jurist and colonizer, born in Hanover County, Virginia, and educated privately in law. In 1768 he was appointed an associate justice of the Superior Court of North Carolina. He retired from the court in 1773 to pursue his interest in colonizing the western frontier. In 1774 he organized the Louisa Company, known after January 1775 as the Transylvania Company, to colonize much of what is now Kentucky and Tennessee. The American frontiersman Daniel Boone acted as advance agent for the company, negotiating treaties with the Native Americans and founding the town of Boonesborough. Henderson moved to Boonesborough, but his title was challenged by both Virginia and North Carolina, and the American Revolution further interrupted his plans. He later participated in the settlement of western Tennessee and was a member of the North Carolina legislature and Council of State.

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