Hans Baldung (1484 or 1485-1545)

Hans Baldung (1484 or 1485-1545), German Renaissance painter and draftsman, who was considered one of the most original artists of the period. He combined a late medieval fascination with death and the occult with a Renaissance interest in perspective and anatomy. He was also known as Baldung-Grien because of his fondness for the color green.

Baldung was probably born in Schwbisch

Baldung was probably born in Schwbisch Gmnd in the German duchy of Swabia, and began his career as an apprentice of Albrecht Drer in about 1503. From 1512 to 1517 he lived in Freiburg, where he painted an altarpiece, "The Coronation of the Virgin" (1516), for the town cathedral that is considered his masterpiece. Baldung spent the rest of his life in Strasbourg, where he was official court painter to the bishop and a member of the town council.

Baldung`s style was realistic yet highly

Baldung`s style was realistic yet highly imaginative and individualistic. He has a marked affinity for the color green, and many of his religious scenes are bathed in a weird, supernatural glow. A series of puzzling, often erotic allegorical and mythological works, exemplified by "Death Kissing a Maiden" (1517, ffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basle), involves the motif of a female nude threatened by a grotesque skeleton.

Baldung`s numerous portraits are known

Baldung`s numerous portraits are known for their sharp characterizations. He also produced many drawings, woodcuts, etchings, prints, and designs for stained glass.

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