Image: Fuad I

Fuad I (1868-1936)

Fuad I (1868-1936), sultan (1917-1922) and king (1922-1936) of Egypt. Son of Ismail Pasha, Fuad was born in Cairo and originally named Ahmed Fuad Pasha; he was educated in Italy. Fuad was a general in the Egyptian army from 1892 until 1895. In 1908 he played an important role in the founding of the Egyptian University (now named Cairo University) at Giza, serving for a time as its president. Fuad succeeded his brother, Hussein Kamil, to the sultanate. He became king of Egypt in 1922, on the nominal termination of the British protectorate, and proclaimed an Egyptian constitution the next year. Although opposed to British domination, Fuad was an adversary of the powerful Wafd, or Nationalist, party, with which he waged a struggle for power throughout his reign, succeeding temporarily in imposing his personal rule on the country by dissolution of Parliament in 1928-1929 and from 1930 to 1935. Fuad was succeeded by his son, Faruk I.

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