Image: Elias Ingraham

Elias Ingraham (1805-1885)

Elias Ingraham (1805-1885), American clock maker best known for his innovative clock-case styles. Ingraham was born in Marlborough, Connecticut on October 1, 1805. Early in life, he learned cabinetmaking. He moved to Bristol, Connecticut, in 1827, attracted by the city`s many clock-making businesses. Ingraham became the foremost clock-case designer of the period. His `sharp Gothic` shelf clock, nicknamed `steeple,` was his best-known and most widely copied design. Other famous case styles designed by Ingraham included `Doric,` `Ionic,` `Grecian,` and `Venetian.` The Ingraham Clock Company, which he founded in 1831, remains one of the largest producers of timepieces in the world.

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