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Corisco, island component of Equatorial Guinea, at the mouth of Corisco Bay off the coast of western Africa. Corisco has an area of 14 sq km (5 sq mi). It is low and sandy and rimmed by hills. Agriculture and fishing are the main activities. Corisco`s largest village is Ipeie on the Meguenguela River, near the southwest coast.

Corisco was claimed by the Portuguese in

Corisco was claimed by the Portuguese in 1472. In 1777 the Spanish received African slave trading rights from the Portuguese. In 1843 Boncoro I, the chief of the Benga ethnic group, attempted to cede the island to Spain, but his subjects rebelled and he was forced to flee. In 1858 Boncoro II, the son of Boncoro I, accepted the sovereignty of Spain. The island remained a Spanish possession until 1968, when Equatorial Guineamade up of a section on the mainland (Ro Muni, now Mbini) and the islands of Bioko, Corisco, Elobey Chico, and Elobey Grandebecame independent.

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