Image: Congress of Laibach

Congress of Laibach

Congress of Laibach, meeting of representatives of the Quadruple Alliance, a union consisting of Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia whose function was to regulate European politics after the fall of Napoleon I. The congress met on January 21, 1821, with the purpose of quashing a republican revolution in Naples by imposing the Protocol of Troppau, a policy statement signed two months earlier that condemned liberal revolutions. The emperors of Russia and Austria were present, and the king of Naples, Ferdinand IV, was invited to attend.

The Austrians quickly crushed the insurrection

The Austrians quickly crushed the insurrection in Naples, and Ferdinand was restored to absolute power. Great Britain thereupon broke with her allies, holding that such intervention could be justified only by specific circumstances, not by a general appeal to the Protocol of Troppau. Austria, Russia, and Prussia disagreed and issued a declaration reaffirming their stand. Lord Robert Stewart protested on behalf of Great Britain, and thus the first clear cleavage in the Quadruple Alliance appeared. The conference closed on May 12, 1821.

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