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    Cimbri, ancient Germanic people, who, with the Teutons, were the first to invade Roman territory. They first came into contact with the Romans in the province of Noricum (now southern Austria) in 113 bc. The Cimbri, victorious in several engagements, were prevented from devastating Italy by their defeat in 101 bc by the Roman general Gaius Marius, near present-day Vercelli in northern Italy. When the battle was lost, their women killed their children and themselves. According to the account of Julius Caesar, the Audatici of Belgium were the descendants of the Cimbri and the Teutons. The Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus mentioned a people bearing the name of Cimbri, few in number but of great reputation, who sent ambassadors to Augustus, emperor of Rome. They lived, according to the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, on the Chersonesus Cimbrica (Peninsula of the Cimbri), now known as the Jutland Peninsula, which is the mainland part of Denmark.

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