Image: Bang Herman Joachim

Herman Joachim Bang (1857-1912)

Herman Joachim Bang (1857-1912), Danish novelist. Bang is known chiefly for his novels depicting lonely, unsuccessful characters. He was born on the island of Als, Denmark. As a student at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, he began writing short stories and critical essays, and in 1879 published his first novel, titled "Haablse Slgter" (Hopeless Generations). Bang`s principal works include "Ved Vejen" (By the Wayside, 1886); "Stuk" (Stucco, 1887); "Mikal" (1904); and "De uden Fdreland" (1906; "Denied a Country", 1927). Bang is also the author of a number of highly impressionistic short stories. His work as a whole is permeated with an intense feeling of depression and frustration. Bang set out on a trip around the world in 1912 and died suddenly in Ogden, Utah, that same year.

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