Image: Baldwin II (of Constantinople)


  • 1 Baldwin II (of Constantinople) (1217-1273)

  • Baldwin II (of Constantinople) (1217-1273)

    Baldwin II (of Constantinople) (1217-1273), last Latin emperor of Constantinople (present-day stanbul) (1228-1261), nephew of Baldwin I. At the age of 11 he inherited the throne, but was not crowned until 1239, two years after the death of John of Brienne, former king of Jerusalem, who had been chosen to rule as regent. At the time of John`s death Baldwin was in western Europe, attempting to raise funds and an army to recover territories of his empire that had been conquered by the Greeks and Bulgarians. Unable to maintain his position after his return to Constantinople, he again, from 1245 to 1247, sought financial support in Italy and France. In 1261 his capital was taken by his Byzantine rival, Michael VIII Palaeologus. Baldwin fled to Italy, ending the Latin Empire in the East.

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