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Argus, in Greek mythology, a 100-eyed giant, also called Panoptes (Greek for the all-seeing). Argus was assigned to guard Io, the mistress of Zeus, by Zeus`s jealous wife Hera, after Zeus had changed Io into a heifer to conceal her from Hera. The god Hermes, dispatched by Zeus to rescue Io, slew Argus by lulling him to sleep with music and then severing his head. In one version of the story, Argus subsequently became a peacock; in another, Hera transplanted his eyes onto the peacock`s tail.

Argus was also the name of the builder

Argus was also the name of the builder of the "Argo," the ship that carried the Greek hero Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece ( "see "Argonauts). Also known by the name Argus was the old dog of Odysseus, Greek leader during the Trojan War. When his master returned to Ithaca after 19 years, Argus recognized him and promptly died.

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