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    Andrssy Note, declaration of principles adopted by leading nations of Europe with regard to the status of Christians in Ottoman territories and presented to the Ottoman government on January 31, 1876. The note was named for the Hungarian statesman Count Gyula Andrssy, who helped draft it. Written in response to a revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were then Ottoman provinces, the note represented the views of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, France, and Britain. To avoid future strife between the Ottoman government and its Christian subjects, the Andrssy Note recommended the adoption of certain measures by the Ottoman government. Among the most important were the creation of local representative institutions reflecting the views of both Muslims and Christians, the legal equality of both religions, and tax reforms. This and subsequent attempts to induce the Ottoman Empire to effect internal reform failed. Serbia and Montenegro declared war against the Ottoman Empire, as did Russia shortly thereafter. The Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 followed. Thus developed the Balkan situation that ultimately led to the assembly of the Congress of Berlin in 1878.

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