"A Fish Called Wanda"

"A Fish Called Wanda", motion picture about the comic antics of competing diamond thieves. Americans Wanda (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) and Otto (Kevin Kline) try to make off with the loot by turning on their British partners Ken (Michael Palin) and George (Tom Georgeson), not suspecting that George has already hidden the diamonds himself. When the police apprehend George, Wanda tries to find the diamonds by getting close to George`s lawyer, Archie Leach (John Cleese).

"`Director"` Charles Crichton

Charles Crichton

"`Cast"` John Cleese (Archie Leach)

John Cleese (Archie Leach)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Wanda Gerschwitz)
Kevin Kline (Otto)
Michael Palin (Ken)
Maria Aitken (Wendy Leach)
Tom Georgeson (George)
Patricia Hayes (Mrs. Coady)
Geoffrey Palmer (Judge)
Cynthia Caylor (Portia)
Mark Elwes (Shop customer)
Neville Phillips (Shop manager)
Peter Jonfield (Inspector Marvin)
Ken Campbell (Bartlett)
Al Ashton (Warder)
Roger Hume (Locksmith)
Roger Brierley (Davidson)
Llewellyn Rees (Sir John)
Michael Percival (Percival)
Kate Lansbury (Magistrate)
Robert Cavendish (Copper)
Andrew MacLachlan (Eebedee)
Roland MacLeod (Vicar)
Jeremy Child (Mr. Johnson)
Pamela Miles (Mrs. Johnson)
Tom Piggot Smith (Child of the Johnson`s)
Katherine John (Child of the Johnson`s)
Sophie Johnstone (Child of the Johnson`s)
Kim Barclay (Nanny)
Sharon Twomey (Defense counsel)
Patrick Newman (Defense counsel)
David Simeon (Court clerk)
Imogen Bickford-Smith (Stenographer)
Tia Lee (Prosecution counsel)
Robert Putt (Police officer)
Waydon Croft, John Dixon (Prison officers)
Anthony Pedley (Irate driver)
Robert McBain (Hotel clerk)
Clare McIntyre (Airline employee)
Charu Bala Chokshi (Indian cleaner)
Stephen Fry (Hutchison)

"`Awards"` Academy Award

Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor (1988): Kevin Kline

"`Trivia"` Archie Leach

Archie Leach, the character played by John Cleese, is the real name of actor Cary Grant. "` "`A scene in which Archie Leach sits up in the background behind Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) recalls a similar scene from Curtis`s horror film "Halloween" (1978) in which the murderous Michael Myers (Tony Moran) sits up behind Curtis`s character.
Actors Cleese and Michael Palin were part of the British television comedy series Monty Python`s Flying Circus.

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