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Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi, born in 1970, American tennis player, one of the few men`s players to earn victories at each of the four major professional tennis to...


Chittaranjan Das

Chittaranjan Das (1870-1925), Indian nationalist leader, born in Calcutta (now Kolkata). An English-trained lawyer, he made his name defending memb...


Earl Hines

Earl Hines (1905-1983), American jazz pianist, whose style was characterized by intricate rhythms and dynamic use of octaves. Earl Fatha Hines was ...


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The Universe

How Will You Create The Universe, This spot was inspired by, and is a new take on life and evolution simulated video.


They have existed for around 2,000 years; the oldest still in existence, Naturalis Historia, was written in ca. 77 CE by Pliny the Elder.

The modern Encyclopedia evolved out of dictionaries around the 17th century. Historically, some Encyclopedias were contained in one volume, but some, such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica, became huge multi-volume works.

Some modern Encyclopedias are electronic and are often freely available, for example Wikipedia and Citizendium.

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Kiska, small island in the western part of the Aleutian chain of Alaska. The largest of the Rat Island group, Kiska is rocky, almost barren, and fr...


Kismet, in Islam, fate or destiny. "Kismet" is a Turkish adaptation of the Arabic word "gismah", meaning portion, lot, or destiny. Within the con...


George Lyman Kittredge (1860-1941), American Shakespearean scholar and teacher who by the time of his death was generally recognized as the preemin...

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