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World War I 11

A On March 21, 1918, Ludendorff launched his great attack. The objective was to capture the French city of Amiens before proceeding to Paris. He ha...


World War I 12

B While the British, American, and French armies were driving the German armies back on the western front, the military forces of Germany`s allies ...


World War I 13

In the aftermath of World War I, the political order of Europe came crashing to the ground. The German, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian empires cease...


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The Universe

How Will You Create The Universe, This spot was inspired by, and is a new take on life and evolution simulated video.


They have existed for around 2,000 years; the oldest still in existence, Naturalis Historia, was written in ca. 77 CE by Pliny the Elder.

The modern Encyclopedia evolved out of dictionaries around the 17th century. Historically, some Encyclopedias were contained in one volume, but some, such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica, became huge multi-volume works.

Some modern Encyclopedias are electronic and are often freely available, for example Wikipedia and Citizendium.

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Hebrew Literature, literature written by Jews in Hebrew and, by extension, certain theological and scholarly works translated from the Hebrew by Je...

Hebrew Literature

The biblical story, in the Book of Exodus, leads to the revelation of the Torah (Law) to the Israelite people at Mount Sinai. The revelation repres...

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The thousand years following the Arab conquest of Palestine in the 7th century saw a great flowering of Hebrew literature. Although it continued to...

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